Customer Charter

Excerpt from the Charter of Customer Service 2018

Definition of Customer Service Charter:

It is a contractual document that outlines the obligations, responsibilities and functions of partners, whether these partners are service providers, municipalities or advisory offices.

The Municipal One Stop Shop is keen on continuously developing the services provided to its customers and is keen to maintain a high level of quality in services by offering distinguished services locally and internationally.

We offer you a customer service charter, in which we confirm the commitment of all partners and the Municipal One Stop Shop to provide an advanced level of services.

This Charter has been prepared by refer/br>ence to the principles, instructions and rules set forth in ISO 10001: 2007, as well as applying best international practices in this field.

We have ensured that senior management, staff and partners are involved in the process of preparing, reviewing, evaluating, modifying and then adopting this charter to ensure continuous improvement of services according to customer needs.

     Municipal One Stop Shop

Our Services

The Municipal One Stop Shop provides two main services to real estate investors and engineering and consulting offices: 

Initial Information Certificate:

The initial information certificate - or the so-called initial license - is a service we provide to property owners or engineering offices to give preliminary information about the property to be developed.

Final Construction Permit:

The Engineering Office or the applicant shall apply for a building permit for his project through the electronic licensing system available on the website of the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.

Duties of the Municipal One Stop Shop in the process of issuing building permits: 

The Municipal One Stop Shop is committed to providing distinguished services aimed at achieving customer satisfaction by achieving Bahrain Economic 2030 Vision:
Obligations of the Municipal One Stop Shop:

Customer Duties: