1-What is the competence of the municipal one stop shop?
  • Issuing licenses for construction of investment projects.
2-What Regions Classifications does the municipal one stop shop deal with?
  • Investment (A, B, C, D)
  • 3 Storey Building (B3)
  • Building with 4 Storey (B4)
  • Commercial zone
  • Industrial areas
  • Service areas
  • Agricultural areas
  • Compound Garden Housing
3-What are the requirements for applying for the "initial" information certificate?
  • A copy of the document
  • Letter from the owner
  • Proof of identity of the owner
  • Detailed drawing “It Depends if it has been approved by consultant office".
4-What are the requirements for applying for a final construction license?
  • Review list documents
5-How can I use the e-licensing system?
  • Must be an engineering office accredited by the Council for regulating the Practice of engineering professions.
6- How do I get a Survey certificate?
  • Surveying and Real Estate Registration Department
  • In some case the plans are approved by the municipality instead of the survey certificate.
7-How can I know the classification of the property and the specific building requirements in the area?
  • The Ministry's website (Discover Bahrain).)
  • Review the general directorate of urban planning
8- How do I get an account number for a new engineering office?
  • Fill out an application form and review the engineering support of the comprehensive municipal one stop shop.
9-Where is the municipal one stop shop located?
  • Tubli- kingdom of Bahrain.