GIS System

GIS System

Bahrain Municipal GEO Explorer Discover Bahrain: provides the scenario of Bahrain, location, commercial roads information’s.

GIS Data:

Aerial photography and satellite imagery are used increasingly in GIS field and scientific applications for the rich information it provides about a geographic area. Ortho photos comes from cameras placed above the earth’s surface on an airplane and low altitude.

Due to their camera position, these photos provide detailed feature identification and precise measuring. The major impact of aerial photography relies in the view that it provides as an overall picture that is simply not possible from ground level. Using the aerial photography, one can see the entire scope of his land or property, or to determine the specifications of its location and show access routes and neighboring developments. Aerial photographs make perfect legal documents, planning tools, presentation aids, promotional or marketing materials.

Those aerial photos were obtained in partnership with mainly Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) and other concerned ministries, it is worth mentioning that this partnership between government agencies came to achieve the greatest benefit and to overcome obstacles and reduce government expenditures and non-duplication of work and projects.

Users can access the Ortho Photos 2010 through

Geoexplorer 2010

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