About municipal one stop shop

The municipal one stop shop was opened in September 2004, to be the first full-stop station in which the investor will receive information that would enable him to start or develop his project, obtain building permits and obtain approval from all parties involved within a short period of time.

The senior management of the Ministry of Works, Municipalaty Affairs and Urban Planning focused in its beginning on the success of the municipal one stop shop project and overcoming obstacles.

The municipal one stop shop has used its resources and capabilities to achieve its goal of achieving client satisfaction and requirements in high quality and in a record time.

Since its start, the municipal one stop shop has been authorized to issue all types of building permits for all areas that have an investment, industrial and service nature.

The Municipal One Stop Shop administers the process of building permits and organizes them through communication with the municipal one stop shop partners or/and associated with the electronic licensing system, while maintaining high levels of quality of service and fast delivery.

The Municipal One Stop Shop serves investors and contributes to the development of the economic sector through the creation of multiple channels of communication with the Economic Development Board, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders in order to identify the needs and expectations of the clients, in addition to contributing to the preparation of feasibility studies and studies of economic and real estate assessment in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by providing statistics about the movement of building permits and types in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In order to provide the interested parties with adequate information on the real estate sector and the volume of investments in construction, quality and nature of its uses.

The organizational structure of the municipal stop shop

The Municipal One Stop Shop is the auxiliary agency for joint municipal services, under the supervision of the Ministry of Works, Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning.

The municipal one stop shop follow-up the requests received by appointing the service providers and following up the work of the Engineering Offices, urging all interested parties to review the applications in a short period of time.

The municipal one stop shop consists of a technical and administrative staff in four main groups:

- Research and Development Group
- Customer and Client Relations Group
- Engineering Support Group
- Mandate Group.

The govermenets engineers and technical representatives follow the municipal one stop shop administratively and organizational, while technically following their main administration.