Undersecretary Speech

Integrated station to completing transactions

With the exploding in urban development and the acceleration of investment projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, The Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning had to keep pace with this growth by providing investors with easy procedures to launch their projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

With this development came the idea of establishing an integrated terminal to complete transactions. The mission was assigned to the” Municipal One Stop Shop ", which reflects the strong partnership between relevant government agencies to support the Government's guidance to support investment and attract capital in investment projects benefiting Bahrain to lead the economy to support Bahrain's 2030 vision.

The Municipal One Stop Shop has been able to achieve several consecutive achievements since its opening. It has acquired advanced Arab and international levels in the speed of completion of transactions, while the Municipal One Stop Shop continues its efforts towards further development in order to attract local and foreign investments, so the Kingdom of Bahrain be a country attracting investment at all regional and international levels.

Undersecretary for Municipal Affairs
Dr. Nabeel Mohammed Abu Al fateh