The Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is tasked with providing extensive services with direct bearing on every home, commercial outlets and facilities and touches on every citizen, expat residents and employers. The provision of such services requires a high degree of perfection and speedy response to the needs of the beneficiaries as well as flexibility, resilience, a great measure of coordination between the concerned entities and departments. The Ministry is dealing with quite a very demanding, challenging and dynamic environment whose demands are growing in leaps and bounds in term of quantity and quality, amplified by the Ministry’s share of contribution to the total development of the Kingdom.

With the introduction of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s 2030 Vision and the initiatives of the Economic Development Board intended to give birth to and produce a governmental administrative environment that takes the lead in the economic and social advancement, all these offer an important opportunity to restructure and refashion the role of the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning in collaboration with the four executive municipal subdivisions as designed to transform the Ministry into a key partner in the development of policies, application of the development plans, provision of municipal services that are responsive to the local needs, thereby boosting the citizens and residents in the government and encouraging the citizens to become proactive participants in the initiatives intended to promote their local communities.

The key institutional challenges to realize this potential environment are the issue of administrative transformation that is being actively pursued by the Ministry, exemplified by achieving a quantum leap in the investment of available resources in line with the priorities, coordination that would ensure optimal distribution of those resources to garner and reap the highest returns therefrom. All this requires proper and correct knowledge and familiarity with the Ministry’s own situation and resources on the one hand and the external circumstances, factors and changes in the Ministry’s work and business environment, on the other hand.

Within the framework of the world and neighboring area’s economies, Bahrain’s ability to create employment opportunities and robust sustainable economic growth will depend to a large extent on the creation of development and competitiveness of the business sectors in the Kingdom. Generally speaking, the role of the government and the role of service ministries, including the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, in particular, lies in supporting the national economy and enhancing the efficiency of the public sector, thereby consolidating these capabilities.

Within this context, the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is engaged in total and comprehensive review of this role, processes and performance in a step intended to reorganize this role in a fashion that serves the best interest of the community and contributes to the realization of the 2030 Economic Vision.

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