Ministry Strategy

From here we start… Our message

The Ministry of Works, Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning message aim towards providing different services to the Bahraini community through providing various services to every home and commercial shop, and the Ministry provides services to citizens, residents and business owners alike.

The ministry provides its services at a high level of proficiency and speed to meet the needs of the beneficiaries, with flexibility in coordination between the authorities concerned to meet the public needs.

The Ministry contributes in the overall development of the Kingdom of Bahrain. With the preparation of the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the initiatives of the Economic Development Board and its efforts to create a governmental environment in economic and social development, the ministry has become a key partner in the development plans.

The Ministry provided community services that respond to local needs, thereby enhancing the confidence of citizens and residents in the Government.

The Ministry is currently striving to achieve a qualitative leap in performance by investing the resources available to achieve this transformation, especially with the ability of the Kingdom to create jobs and achieve economic growth based on development and competition in the business sector.

The Ministry of Works, Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning undertakes a comprehensive review of its performance to serve the community and contribute to the 2030 Vision Economic achievement. The senior management seeks to identify suitable solutions for the following issues:

The Solutions to these issues require institutional re-engineering Surrounded the development of a strategy to build an effective, flexible, dynamic and responsive government.


Ministry Strategy


The Ministry of Works, Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning aims to achieve balanced urban development through the establishment of an integrated structure for the implementation of the national strategic planning plan, in addition to meeting the 2030 economic vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Message

The mission of the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning is to contribute in the enhancement of Bahrain's status as an economy and economic center by preparing effective policies and regulations for the urban planning, municipal and agricultural sectors to respond to the needs of Bahraini society.
We strive to provide the requirements of sustainable urban development by providing high quality planning, municipal and agricultural services, in coordination with the legislative councils, the municipal councils and, government agencies.
The Ministry of Works, Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning is committed to the national values set out in 2030 Vision.
These values are based on fairness, competitiveness and sustainability in providing high quality services in terms of community and environmental responsibility.



Important issues and development initiatives

The objectives of these initiatives are:


Strategic objectives and sub-targets

Strategic development objectives have been formulated based on strategic directions, an assessment of opportunities and modernization in 2014, issues related to economic development and 2030 National Vision, and a draft strategy for the Ministry.

These objectives include management processes that serve the Ministry's sectors and the objectives of these sectors.
The processes and instruments covered by the strategic and sub-objectives include the following: