1- Question: Who deserves to receive the service of the project of the development of cities and villages or Insulators against rain?
  • Answer:
  • When the applicant meets the following conditions:
  • Must be a Bahraini national.
  • The salary should not exceed BD 600.
  • The family should live in the house that want to be renovated and it should not be rented to others.
  • The applicant must be the owner of the dwelling in whole or in part.
  • The ownership of the house for the applicant must be more than 10 years old.
2- Question: What is the required documents to receive the service of the project of the development of cities and villages or Insulators against rain?
  • Answer:
  • A copy of the applicant's CPR.
  • Copy of the house document.
  • A copy of the legal obligation of the heirs (in case of heirs).
  • Salary certificate from the employer of the applicant.
  • A copy of the electricity bill.
  • need to provide proof of approval by the heirs on the restoration.
  • Copy of bank statement.
3- Question: When will the restoration of the house begin?
  • Answer:
  • According to the social research and the technical report of the house prepared by the Towns and Villages Development Unit in the Council, seniority and the availability of the required documents.
4- Question: What are the restricted areas where construction is prohibited?
  • Answer:
  • The areas where construction has been banned by a decision of the Ministry of Housing for the purpose of the housing project include the complexes 318 Hoora, 321 Gudaibiya.
5- Question: Has the construction ban on these areas been lifted?
6- Question: Where should I go to apply for a building permit?
  • Answer:
  • Please go to the Capital municipal council.
7- Question: From where I can have a license to open a shop?
  • Answer:
  • Please check with the Capital municipal council - Technical Services Department.
8- Question: Where do I go to buy a corner?
  • Answer:
  • Please apply at the Capital municipal council.
9- Question: Where We can file a complaint in the maintenance or installation of lighting, digging electricity or water?
  • Answer:
  • Please refer to the Electricity and Water Authority on hotline 17515555.
10- Question: Where can we present the problem of rain, sanitation, landing, highland?
  • Answer:
  • Please submit the complaint on behalf of the Chairman of the Capital Municipality Eng. Saleh Tradah to the Capital Municipality Council in Zinj or send it via fax no. 17246161.
11- Question: In my area of residence there are foreign workers are single and inconvenience to the people?
  • Answer:
  • Please check with the Capital Secretariat - Technical Services Department
12- Question: Where do I go when I have a sewage flood problem?
  • Answer:
  • Please contact the Ministry of Works
13- Question: I received a Road occupancy (for example, a parking garage).
  • Answer:
  • Please contact the Capital Municipality Council - Licensing Section to take the license or remove the violation.