Information Systems Directorate

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The Objectives of the Directorate


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The Applications of the Directorate


Contract System

Contract system deals with all aspects regarding expanse contract, starting from tenders collecting and choosing the most suitable. It is also observes contraventions and submits reports. The system has been applied in general joint department.

Commercial Registration

Commercial Registration System

Its main purpose is to assist the process of the commercial record application. It undertakes, besides certifying the applications, data entry, violations and many administrational and financial reports. It is also possible to contact the intended authorities through the electronic link or letters sent from the system. The system used by the municipality’s representatives in investors service center (Ministry of Commerce) has been developed and working jointly with the municipality and ministry of commerce.

Correspondence system

Correspondence System

It deals with the archives of the correspondence and their transformation between different departments and exterior authorities. It also deals with the archives of meeting reports and important prints for utilizers. The system facilitates the process of different kinds of correspondence and is flexible in their restoration provided with accurate security features. This new system has been developed and applied in the general concerted administration.


Advertisement System

The main function of the system is to observe advertisement and related violations. In order to develop the information of the advertisement, it was linked to the geographic information system and was applied in the municipality of Manama. It was further linked to construction license system. The system has been developed so a penalty could be automatically deducted from the account in case of violation.



Land and Properties System

It deals with all kinds of properties, possessed, beneficiary lands from ministry of municipality and agricultural affairs. It preserves documents, sales and investment in relation to those properties. Presently the ministry is working to get the system joined to CSS system which is adopted by ministry of electricity.


Citizens Complaint System

It receives and studies complaints regarding the municipality’s services. The preparations of the system have just been compiled and will be soon applied in the ministry.


Waste System

Getting rid of waste is one of the ministry’s most important operations to keep the environment clean. Hence, garbage trolleys fees system was prepared. The system is connected to an automatic weigh equipment, which provides the system with the load weight. Consequently, the fees will be applied as soon as buildings are connected to network.


Employees’ Arrival and Leaving System

It deals with the arrival and leaving times of employees by providing detailed reports. It has been applied in all municipalities and connected to electronic fingerprint system.

building permit system

Building permit System

This operation is another top important service provided by the municipality. Every year the municipality receives about 120,000 permit applications. They are either for new constructions, additions, rebuilding, etc. The ministry receives those applications from individuals or engineering offices, according to common construction rules and conditions. The municipality’s affair, in order to provide further facilities, is continuously working to develop its system on different stages. Where application could be applied, examined and decisions taken on automatically. This provides faster services with higher qualities. For that reasons the system was linked to construction, working, advertisement system and the ministry is working to connect it to ministry of electricity.


Nashid system was created by the information systems directorate with the cooperation of human resource directorate. It deals with all duties of human resources and financial administration. It facilitates, organizes and unifies the system applied in human resource and financial administration. It is made of 5 minor systems; labor, employment, employees’ relations and benefits, wages and records system. Those minor systems were applied on different stages. The final stage (wages and record system) was applied in this year, where wages were arranged and wage forms printed and delivered to municipality’s employees. In addition to that, all reports and official correspondences to official authorities such as banks, pension trust and ministry of housing were printed and supplied with required information by CDs.


Fixed Assets System

This year a new system has been applied, fixed assets system, which jointly function with the (WEB) system. It deals with assets’ details of municipalities and registers information using barcode system, which helps in re-evaluating and corresponding with the assets, and also ensures their validity. The system covers sold, moved and excluded assets.

corner sales

Corner Selling System

This system observes corner selling applications with other authorities (Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Labor, Batelco, etc.). It also replies to the application whether applications approved or rejected. An application fee is charged with the total amount of the corner fee, which will be paid back in case of rejection. In order to develop corners information, the system has been linked to geographic information system and applied in Manama Municipality.


Geographical Information System

ISD plays a key role in identifying and implementing the new technologies and standard procedures in the municipal services. ISD identified Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a scientific tool to improve the municipal services. The GIS section is a part of the ISD and was established in 1998 for collecting, formatting, integrating and distributing spatial data to municipalities. Read More