Contact Person

  • Agricultural Engineers.
  • Technicians
  • Site Supervisors & foremen.

Responsible Section

  • To solve the Agricultural drainage related problems such as high ground water table, high soil salinity, surface run-off , the responsible authority.
  • Department of Engineering Designs and Construction Supervision.

Service Output

Describe service output as permit validity and permit type details;

  • Agricultural Drainage related problem such as provision of new drainage network.
  •  Additional drains.
  •  Pump-station.
  • Drainage related structures etc.

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Commercial Entity
Government Entity
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
Site visit to be arranged.
Problem to be assessed.
Profile survey, site plan to be prepared.
Design/details to be prepared.
The required documents
Details of ownership.
Filled Application Form.
Type of Problem Extent of Loss etc( Needed to Process the Application).
Service fee
Terms and Conditions