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PDF files

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, it has been developed by Adobe for the distribution of electronic documents in a format that retains the exact look of the source material and it's a very popular and convenient way to put existing documents on websites, It is commonly used for government publications, reports, leaflets and forms.

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How to Change Text Size

The size of the text is auto managed by the website for best of the apperance accoring to the supported resolution.

We have designed www.mun.gov.bh compatible with most of the popular browsers which include functionalities that allow you to increase or decrease the text on a web page, and to zoom in or zoom out the page.


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Arabic Text

If you have encountered any problems with viewing/inputting Arabic texts in this portal, then this might be due to the unavailability of Arabic language support in your operating system. You can visit the following links to get detailed instructions on how to enable Arabic support and keyboards for Windows XPWindows Vista, and Windows 7.