Examination and application of agricultural quarantine procedures on agricultural consignments in shipping ports

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Service Delivery Location:

  • Customs Ports in the Kingdom of Bahrain (Bahrain International Airport - Khalifa Bin Salman Port - King Fahad Causeway)

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Plant Protection Section

  • Engineer / Mohamed El Sawy - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987210
  • Eng. Ali Shaaban Balah - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987216
  • Eng. Ahmed Said Eid - Head of Plant Protection Department
  • Direct Contact Number 17987200
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
The required documents
Request to examine the agricultural consignment received on the form assigned to it
Pre-import license issued by the Department of Quarantine and Plant Protection
Phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent authorities in the country of export
List the contents of the shipment
Sea / Air Waybill
Service fee
- During working hours: BD 5
- After working hours: BD 15
Terms and Conditions
If the purpose of the import is to participate in the Bahrain Garden Fair, the importer shall provide evidence of his participation in the exhibition when applying for the prior import license.
All incoming agricultural consignments shall be subject to inspection.
The importer must obtain a prior import license.
Agricultural consignment shall be completely free of regulated quarantine and non-quarantine pests.
It is prohibited to enter plants in natural agricultural soil or algae or agricultural residues.
Date palm, coconut palm, oil palm and all palm varieties are prohibited.
It is forbidden to import olive trees from countries where Xylella fastidiosa is registered and any other hosts of bacteria.
Fertilizer consignments and soil conditioners shall be subject to the requirements of the fertilizer lawIt is forbidden to import Hemp seeds and Poppy seeds.
Who are the people who deal with agricultural quarantine to release agricultural consignment?
Answer: The customs broker located at the port of arrival will complete the customs clearance procedures on the consignments.
Does the quarantine inspect the consignment immediately upon arrival at the customs port?
Answer: The agricultural quarantine inspects the agricultural consignment as soon as the customs transfer the consignment to the quarantine for inspection.
Are the plants contained with travelers exempt from the procedures of testing and release?
Answer: Plants imported with travelers are exempted from the requirement of obtaining a prior import license if they are within the quantities specified in the quarantine legislation and are not exempted from examination.
Are there any fees for inspection of agricultural consignments?