Obtaining agricultural certificate for export or re-export of plants, plant products or any other materials subject to agricultural quarantine regulations.

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Service Delivery Location:

  • Department of Plant Protection - Main Building for Agricultural Affairs in Budaiya

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Plant Protection Section

  • Plant Protection Section
  • Engineer / Mohamed El Sawy - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987210
  • Eng. Ali Shaaban Balah - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987216
  • Eng. Ahmed Said Eid - Head of Quarantine and Plant Protection Department
  • Direct Contact Number 17987200
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
The required documents
Application form for examination and issuance of a phytosanitary certificate for export and re-export purposes.
A copy of the customs declaration of the shipment to be exported.
A phytosanitary certificate issued by the State of export (in case of re-export).
Certificate of origin for Bahraini products (if any).
Service fee
Fees for inspection of exported or re-exported shipments during working hours are 10 JD and outside working hours is 20 JD.
Terms and Conditions
The exporter shall prepare the shipment for final export and prepare it for inspection.
The inspection application form shall be filled with a copy of the customs declaration of the consignment to be exported and a phytosanitary certificate issued by the State of export (in case of re-export) or certificate of origin for Bahraini products.
The applicant or the applicant shall submit to the head of the plant protection to conform the data and direct the payment of the prescribed fees.
The head of the department assigns an agricultural quarantine inspector to inspect the agricultural consignment and ensure its compliance with the requirements of the importing country.
The inspection shall be carried out.
The agricultural certificate shall be issued to the export and signed by the inspector of agricultural quarantine and approved by the head 7- The issuing entity shall ship the shipment within one week from the date of issuing the special phytosanitary certificate
Where can the examination be performed?
Answer: Shipments can be inspected at the Agricultural Affairs Headquarters in Budaiya or any location provided by the exporter and be valid and equipped for the inspection.
What is the time required to complete the examination and obtain the agricultural certificate?
Answer: Once the shipment has been processed and the inspection request has been made and the prescribed fees have been paid, the quarantine inspector will be assigned the inspection
If I travel (air, land, sea) and I want to bring some plants or plant products with me and I want to get the agricultural certificate What are the necessary procedures for that?
Answer: Attendance at the Agricultural Quarantine Department in Budaiya is accompanied by the plant or plant products for which an agricultural certificate is issued and an application form is submitted.