Obtaining a license to import agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides

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Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
The required documents
A copy of the commercial register showing the activity (for the first time)
A copy of the CPR for the holder of the register or his authorization (for the first time)
A copy of the official approval form (Civil Defense approval for the pesticide storage)
Approval of official authorities (approval of the General Authority for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, approval of the Control and Environmental Protection Department)
A copy of the pesticides to be imported.
Certificate of circulation of the pesticide in the country of origin.
Certificate of registration of the pesticide in the country of origin.
Analysis certificate of the pesticide to be imported from one of the specialized laboratories in the Kingdom stating that it conforms to
Service fee
Terms and Conditions
The commercial register shall include the activity of importing the materials requested
The application form must be printed and not handwritten
The applicant or his representative shall submit the application to the competent department
The application shall not contain any materials prohibited from importing under the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In the event that the pesticide is restricted, the importing institution must have experienced labor for the use of the pesticide, given a limited quantity and for a limited purpose.
In the case of restricted pesticides, the requirement for obtaining a license is for the company to determine the quantities to be used and the specific purpose of use (the amount of use in a narrow range).
In case the certificate of analysis cannot be provided and to verify its conformity with the specifications, the certificates of the GCC laboratories or specialized international reference laboratories shall be approved
Completing the documents to be attached to the application according to each product.
Is it possible to obtain an import license after the consignment arrives in the Kingdom of Bahrain?
Answer: The importer must obtain a prior import license before shipping consignments from the country of origin.
Is it necessary to obtain a certificate of analysis of the pesticide at each import of the same pesticide?
Answer: The validity of the pesticide certificate is one year from the date of its extraction.
I work in one of the scientific research bodies, do I need to get a pesticide import license for testing purposes?
Answer: Scientific research and experimental bodies are granted a license to import pesticides for the purpose of studies and researches, provided that the quantity does not exceed 20 liters / kg per case or concentration and one time. The results of studies or trials are not binding on the Pesticide Committee with respect to pesticide registration