Obtaining a license to import plants, plant products or other materials subject to agriculture quarantine regulations.

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  • Department of Plant Protection - Main Building for Agricultural Affairs in Budaiya

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  • Plant Protection Section
  • Engineer / Mohamed El Sawy - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987210
  • Eng. Ali Shaaban Balah - Senior Plant Protection Specialist
  • Direct Contact Number: 17987216
  • Eng. Ahmed Said Eid - Head of Quarantine and Plant Protection Department
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Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
The required documents
Application form for obtaining a license to import plants, plant products or other materials subject to quarantine regulations. The application form should include one type and one origin.
A copy of the commercial register showing the import activity.
In case of an import request, a list of the names of the plants on the company's official papers shall be attached.
In the case of organic and chemical fertilizers and soil conditioners, the application shall be accompanied by a registration certificate issued by the Soil and Fertilizers Department in Agriculture Affairs.
In the case of agricultural seeds, a purity and germination certificate approved by ISTA or any other similar body shall be attached to the application. An acknowledgment is also attached that the seeds are not genetically modified. A list of the names of the seeds for importation is also attached.
In the case of mixed bird grains, a list of the ingredients of the mixture shall be attached to the application.
. In the case of grain consignments (from the former Soviet Union countries), a radiation-free certificate shall be attached to the application.
Service fee
Terms and Conditions
The commercial register shall include the activity of importing the materials requested
The application form must be printed and not handwritten
The applicant or his representative shall submit the application to the competent department
The application shall not contain any materials prohibited from importing under the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
5. Completing the documents to be attached to the application according to each product
Is it possible to obtain an import license after the consignment arrives in the Kingdom of Bahrain?
Answer: No, the importer must obtain the import license before shipping consignments from the country of origin.
Is it necessary to obtain a one-time import license for each consignment separately?
Answer: The validity of import licenses is six months and can be used for more than one consignment as long as there is a balance on the authorized quantity and the license is valid. The license may have a validity period of less than six months in certain cases deemed by the Wealth Administration.
Is it necessary to obtain an import license for any quantity of plants and plant products?
Answer: In accordance with current regulations, some shipments are exempted from the requirement to obtain a prior import license in the following cases:
- Shipments accompanying passengers, for personal use within the limits of (5) plants or (5) kilograms provided that the question is not to the law and regulations and quarantine decisions.
- Shipments received for diplomatic missions and consulates within (15) plants or (15) kilograms, provided that they do not include materials or plants subject to the ban regulations.
- Shipments received for the purpose of scientific research within the limits of (15) plants or (15) kilograms, and the importer is responsible for the application of the safety of plants and monitoring and disposal of security after the completion of the purpose imported for it.
- Agricultural specimens contained in parcels weighing not more than (5) kilograms for plants and flowers and within (500) grams for seeds.
I work in a scientific research organization. Do I need to also obtain a license to import products for testing purposes?
Answer: Scientific Research and Experimental Authorities shall grant a license to import plants or plant products subject to regulations or prohibited by a decision of the Agricultural Quarantine Unit under the following conditions:
- The importing authority obtained the approval of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture upon a request stating:
The name and addresses of the consignee and the addressee
Required items and their quantities
-Original supplier and imported area
-Purpose of import (not commercial)
-The importing party shall comply with all instructions, - procedures and precautions specified by the quarantine unit before and after entering the shipments
- The Agricultural Quarantine Unit shall follow up the implementation of all procedures and precautions and shall have the right to intervene immediately and take the appropriate action regarding the shipment in case the importer violates the conditions stated in this Article.