RSS Feeds

What is an RSS feed?

It is an acronym for Really simple syndication

It is a service based on easy technology that makes you able to follow up on the latest news and developments from your favorite sites when they are listed without going back to browsing those sites.

The RSS service allows the subscriber to the service on the website of the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture to obtain the latest news published on our website as soon as it is published in the form of the title of the news with a simple summary of it and a link to the entire site on the site.

The RSS service is free and there are no charges for its use.

How can you benefit from RSS feed?

First of all, you should get a program called News Reader.

This program displays the information provided by the RSS feed from the sites you choose.

So, once you choose the News Reader program, you must specify the sites and pages from which you want to get RSS service.

RSS service page on the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture website from the following link:

RSS feed page