Request for Security Guard No Objection Certificate

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This service allows the user to apply for Security Guard No Objection Certificate.

GCC Citizen
Commercial Entity
Government Entity
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Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
1. Client applies for the Security Guard No Objection Certificate.
2. The relevant municipality studies and approves the application.
3. Fees Payment.
4. User is notified with the result.
The required documents
1. Address Card - Issued by IGA
2. Electricity Bill
3.Request Letter From Applicant
4. Others
5.Owner CR or CPR Copy
6. Title Deed Copy

Service fee
(10 ) BHD
Terms and Conditions
1. The address plate should be available on the room.
2. The building permit must include the guard's room.
3. The validity period of the certificate is 3 months

How many security guards allowed?
The number of security guards is the responsibility of the LMRA.