Bahrain Exhibition For Animal And Agricultural Production (Marai)

About the project

The first edition of the Bahrain Animal and Agricultural Production Exhibition “Marai” was launched in 2010, under the royal patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the country, may God protect and preserve him. This exhibition is considered one of the largest exhibitions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region.


His Majesty the Great King, may God protect and preserve him, paid great attention to the established traditions of the rulers of the Kingdom of Bahrain since ancient times, to emphasize the status of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its historical fame for possessing the most ancient purebred Arabian horses and rare animals.


Six editions of the exhibition have been held so far, with the last edition taking place in 2023, with local and Gulf participation and a large public presence.


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture is keen to enhance food security by organizing the Bahrain Livestock and Agricultural Production Exhibition (Marai). It focused on ensuring that the exhibition is of a qualitative and specialized nature that reflects the heritage and identity of the Kingdom of Bahrain and transmits the cultural heritage to current and future generations. The Ministry also sought through this exhibition to attract investors. Those interested in production and food security related to livestock and agriculture, for active participation and wide attendance in this specialized exhibition.

The Bahrain International Exhibition for Animal and Agricultural Production represents a platform for displaying the Kingdom of Bahrain’s possession of some rare breeds of Arabian horses, and the rare breeds of animals owned by Bahraini breeders and farm owners, which makes investment opportunities in these capabilities greater.


The Bahrain Animal and Agricultural Production Exhibition also attracts international companies and attracts leading expertise in the field of agricultural and animal production to participate in such specialized exhibitions at the regional and regional levels, which reflects the success of plans related to providing an integrated work system for food security, diversifying its sources, and encouraging investment in it, including: Supports the national economy.


Exhibition objectives

The objectives of the Bahrain International Animal Production Exhibition revolve around attracting investments in the field of food industries to the Kingdom of Bahrain, raising the contribution of the agricultural and animal production sector in strengthening the economy and providing quality opportunities for citizens, and reviewing the latest technological developments and innovations that are used in developing the agricultural animal production industry, in addition to highlighting The experiences of farm owners and breeders in Bahrain, enhancing communication between farmers and buyers, and increasing interaction and trade exchange between exhibitors and investors.