Quality policy

In relation to the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture that aim to provide the requirements of sustainable urban development and food security and providing high-quality services for all Bahrain residents in cooperation with governmental entities, municipal councils, and the private sector.

The ministry aims to make use all of its efforts to satisfy the needs & expectations of internal and external interested parties and maintain continuous improvements through:

The ministry will share the contents and goals of this policy with all employees to ensure the implementation of the policy in an efficient & effective manner. Therefore, the ministry is committed to continuously improving and developing the works to reach customer expectations and satisfaction.

  • Implementing quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

  • Providing the services through qualified employees.

  • Utilizing creative solutions for sustainable urban development & efficient involvement in the living environment.

  • Provide attractive investment environment and carry out a supportive role in the economic growth and urban development.

  • Building solid partnerships with legislation, civil bodies, and municipal councils.

  • Emphasizing leadership strategic planning improvement, and ensuring customers satisfaction.

  • Developing our services in accordance following governmental strategies, laws, and regulations.

Eng. Wael Bin Nasser Al Mubarak
Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture