Bahraini Families Municipal Rates Update

Bahraini Families Municipal Rates Update

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It is a service that enables Bahraini families to request for a discount in municipal fees, exemption from municipal fees or dropping municipal fees after studying and evaluating the case.

Service Delivery Channels
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
1- Visit the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture website www.mun.gov.bh
2- Choose Bahraini Families Rate update service.
3- Login or register using the identity card number for the applicant.
4- Click on (Request).
5- Fill up all the required information's and choose for the request type (Rebate Request).
6- Fill up all the family members in the beneficiary option, and then click on (Add Beneficiary) for each member.
7- Upload all the required attachment (follow up the attachment requirement).
8- Click on Submit Application.
The required documents
1. Marriage Contract
2. Divorce document
3. Spouse's death certificate
4. Social assistance from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development
5. Lease contract
6. Other
7. Document proving the registration of the lease contract in Bahrain.bh
Service fee
No fees
Terms and Conditions
The lease agreement should be in Arabic or attached with Arabic translation issued from a appointed translation office.
1.How many houses can one family request rate update for?
- The municipality fees rate update only applies to one house per family
2. Who are the Bahraini families who deserve this service?
A family consisting of a husband and wife who live in a rented property provided that it is unfurnished and that one of the family members does not have a private residence or benefit from a housing service.
3.Is a Bahraini married to a foreigner entitled to this service?
4.Is a Bahraini woman married to a foreigner entitled to this service?
No, unless she has children with Bahraini nationality.
5.What required documents for this service, and how can I apply for it?
The application is submitted through the Municipal Affairs website ( www.mun.gov.bh) and chooses the Bahraini Families Municipal Rates Update service, the required documents are:
* Copy of the rent agreement.
* A copy of the marriage agreement.
* Copies of ID cards for all family members provided that the address matches the residential address.
* A copy of the passport of the applicant.
* *Electricity account number of the rental property.
The following documents are required for the following cases:
* For divorcees: a copy of the divorce document.
* For widowers: a copy of the spouse's death certificate.
6.When is the due date of The Discount Service, is it the date of the electrical connection or the start of the rental?
The due date of The Discount Service is one month after the date of application submission, and it is not calculated retroactively.
7.What are cases cannot apply for this service?
• The Bahraini widower.
• The Bahraini divorced.
• Single Bahraini.
• Single Bahraini women.
8.Are there any other requirements for this service?
Yes, are: the update of the municipal fees applies only for one residence per family, and it also does not apply to those who do not apply for the service, nor for those whose employer pays the rent of the housing in which the applicant resides, nor for housing furnished by the property owner.