This service allow the user to collect the refuse bags using vending machine.

Service Delivery Channels
KIOSK Machine
Bag Distribution Counter
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
1. Insert CPR
2. Filled in the EWA account number.
3. Collect the bags.

The required documents
Not required.
Service fee
No fees.
Terms and Conditions
Citizens can collect the bags for there primary account only
Bahraini Citizens are only allowed to get the bag
Only one bag is issued for a month
Citizens should have a valid EWA residential account

Is there any fees required to get the bags ?
No .
Who can get the bags?
Bahraini Citizens only .
From where bags can be collected ?
-Throgh KIOSK machines
-Municipality bag distribution counter (Temporary).
How can I use the Refuse Bags dispensing service?
Refuse Bags are transferred to the residential account where the property owner resides, provided that the address of the CPR matches the address of residence.
What required documents for this service?
A copy of the CPR card of the property owner, provided that the address of the card matches the address of the residence.
A copy of the construction permit, if any.
Can I get this service for more than one address?
No, the bags are dispensed to the owner's residential address, which matches the address of his ID card.
I have accounts for real estate (apartments or houses) that I own and my children (or relatives up to the third degree) live in, can they take advantage of this service?
Yes, provided that the electricity, water and municipal fees bill is transferred in their names.
Are there any fees charged for this service?
No, the Refuse Bags distribution service is free of charge for residential accounts where the property owner or his children and relatives reside up to the third degree.
Is the foreign owner entitled to this service?
No, the Refuse bag Service is for citizens only.