This service allows the user to apply for Deposit Repayment.

GCC Citizen
Commercial Entity
Government Entity
Other Entities
Service Delivery Channels
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
1. Create an account / Login.
2. Request for Deposit Repayment by Client.
2. Process the application by municipality user
3. User is notified with the result.
The required documents
1. IBAN Account Document
2. Electricity Bill
Service fee
No fees
Terms and Conditions
The IBAN details should be updated in the portal -Client profile .
This will be the client responsibility to update the Bank account details.
What is the prerequisite to return deposit for the Advertisement permit ?
Board removal should be done .
What is the requirement to return deposit for the building permit service ?
NOC should be issued for the building permit .
What will the payment mode for the deposit repay ?
Bank transfer