This service allows the user to apply for Update Municipal Fees Account.

GCC Citizen
Commercial Entity
Service Delivery Channels
Service Procedures and Steps
Service Procedures and Steps
1- Visit the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture website
2- Choose the Online Customers Services Centers.
3- Choose the Municipality Services (Without Login) list, then click on continue without log in button.
4- Choose Apply for a service.
5- In service type option select Update Municipal Fees Account.
6- Fill up all the required information's.
7- Upload all the required attachment (follow up the attachment requirement).
8- Click on Submit Application.
The required documents
1.Owner CR or CPR Copy(Mandatory)
2.Applicant letter(Mandatory)
3.Letter from Owner(Mandatory)
4.Letter from Tenant
5.Copy Of Rental Agreement
6.New Rental Payment Receipt
7.Authorization Letter
8.Document proving the registration of the lease contract in
9.Electricity Bill
11.Copy of the building permit
Service fee
No fees
Terms and Conditions
• All attached lease contracts should be registered in lease contract service in Bahrain government portal (
• All lease agreements should be in Arabic or attached with Arabic translation issued from a appointed translation office.
1.Is there any fees for the this service ?
No. There is no fees for this service.
2.How can I update the Municipal Fees Account for residential real estate?
By submit an application to the customer service center on the following municipalities' affairs website: and choose the service of the Update Municipal Fees Account.
3.Why should I update my housing account?
To confirm the information of the inhabitant of the property and the type of Housing and determine the municipal fees according to the executive regulations of the municipalities law issued by Decree-Law No. 35 of 2001.
4.How much is the monthly municipal fee for the private housing account?
The monthly municipal fees depend on the construction area of the property so that the fee is not less than 2 BHD and not more than 11 BHD depending on the construction area and the corresponding Municipal Fee.
5.What is the procedure that will apply in case I do not update the Municipal Fees account?
A temporary monthly municipal fee of at least 10 BHD and no more than 100 BHD will be charged for the residential account until you update it.
6.what required documents to update municipal fee accounts?
•The ID card of the property's owner, provided that the address of the card matches the address of the residence, in case the owner lives on the property himself.
• A copy of the construction permit, if any.
• In case of residence of the owner's children, relatives, or employees, a copy of the ID card of the resident person is attached provided that the address of the card matches the address of the residence, and a document stating the kinship or sponsorship of the employee.